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November 21, 2018

Recycling Small Appliances

Recycle Small Electronic Appliances

At Secure e-Cycle, we realize that many people have issues with the responsible recycling of small appliances simply because they don’t know how to effectively approach the task.

When it comes to disposing of small electronic appliance waste, an increasing number of brands have established a responsible recycling acceptance program for their electronic waste. This social responsibility demonstrated by numerous corporate entities to benefit the environment and society is much to the credit of these outstanding brands.

Firms of all sizes that sponsor and participate in responsible recycling programs typically list the information on their website and blog. These firms can also be reached via their 800 numbers.


Responsible Recycling of Small Appliances

For the sake of clarification, the term small appliances include items such as coffee pots, toaster ovens, electric slow cookers, toasters, blenders, irons, small portable fans, small space heaters, curling irons, and hair dryers.


Follow The Recommended Instructions

Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. For the record, the required guidelines for manufacturers require that they accept their own brand of electronic accessories and equipment for recycling.

Additionally, these manufacturers are also required to accept a single piece of electronic waste produced by any manufacturer. That being said, the electronic waste product, if offered by a consumer with the purchase of electronic equipment that is lawfully covered for the same type of manufacturer’s recycling coverage.


Be Sure to Look for Recycling Events

Fortunately, there are so many people of all ages and walks of life who have embraced. Even many young children are aware of the need for responsible recycling of small appliances. They learn about this in school, from friends, older siblings, and from their parents. Many of them have expressed a strong desire to take care of the Planet Earth that they love.

Inviting young children and older children to Recycling Events is a perfect opportunity to support their stewardship commitment These events are publicized by state environmental agencies as well as private organizations.

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