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Chicago Electronics Recycling Service

Technology is advancing rapidly and with it has come an avalanche of electronic products that are constantly being discarded for newer models. We replace our phones every few years, spring for a new television during sales and upgrade our computers when they become slow or when we want to revamp our office computer system. But where do those items go when we’re done using them? Electronics recycling has stepped in as a way to safely dispose of those items while also allowing their valuable components to be reused.

Electronic waste

What is E-Waste? 

E-Waste is how we describe discarded electronics that have reached the end of their useful life, such as computers, stereos, televisions and printers. Whether the items have stopped working as they were originally intended or are too old to be compatible with the latest forms of technology, the sad truth is that all technology does eventually become obsolete.

The important thing to remember, however, is these items shouldn’t be disposed of like normal household trash. E-waste can be dangerous if discarded in a landfill because it contains toxic chemicals and metals that can, over time, leach into groundwater and end up in nearby bodies of water.

Thankfully, this phenomenon can be avoided through e-waste recycling.

What E-Waste can be recycled in Chicago?

Electronics recycling isn’t a new concept. As new forms of technology have been released quicker and quicker over the decades, so has the e-recycling industry grown. Recycling services can now take reusable parts from the discarded electronics and harvest metals and elements like gold, tin, and copper.

As an everyday person it’s easy to be unaware of the impact your electronics disposal methods have on the environment, and even trickier to determine which items you can have recycled.

The most common items that we recycle at Secure e-Cycle include televisions, keyboards, printers, monitors, cell phones, home stereos, fax machines, copiers, computers, CD players, DVD/Blu-ray players, microwaves, refrigerators, and more.

Why recycle E-Waste? 

If protecting the environment isn’t enough of a reason to pay attention to e-waste recycling, data theft is a critical issue surrounding discarded electronics.

You may shred important documents on a daily basis to keep people from stealing critical information from you or your customers, so why should your digital information be handled any differently? Hard drives and other memory devices for computers and smartphones can put your information at risk should you dispose of those items without first wiping the data.

Recycling your e-waste is the best way to keep secure information from reaching people it shouldn’t. At Secure e-Cycle we take the security of our customers’ critical information seriously and safely dispose of it every time.

Let Us Handle Your E-Waste Recycling needs

At Secure e-Cycle, our certified, experienced technicians run a top-notch electronics recycling service. Our zero-landfill, EPA-approved methods are R2 certified. We value data security and are committed to protecting our client’s information as it is destroyed. If your company is in need of e-waste management by a company you can trust, look no further than Secure e-Cycle.

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