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For nearly ten years, Secure e-Cycle has excelled at providing electronics recycling and data destruction services to large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, and individuals. Formerly a division of Results Technology, our leadership team draws on 30+ years of experience in the data destruction and e-recycling industry.

We provide our clients with smart electronics and IT equipment disposal solutions that contribute to the protection of our greatest asset – our environment.  We understand the significance of the protection and secure destruction of your company and personal data, and we’re committed to staying abreast of evolving government legislation, and the corresponding continuous improvement of our own processes and technology.  With our 100% No Landfill Policy you can be confident that your electronic assets are handled in a manner compliant with all federal, state, and industry regulations.

Secure e-Cycle appreciates the unique needs and requirements of each client. Our breadth of experience enables us to develop solutions customized to those individual needs. We are experienced, friendly, and accessible. Our owners are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Secure e-Cycle, and are readily available to our customers.

With our Kansas City, KS corporate headquarters we are able to cost effectively serve clients throughout the entire Midwest.  Our central location and proven & optimized logistical process minimize the costs associated with transporting your assets to our facility for processing, thereby maximizing the return of remarketed assets. 
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